Health Information Management System (HIMS) Service

Working together with your Health Information Management (HIM) / Medical Records Management (MRM) Department, HIMS Service will identify the strengths and challenges of your HIM / MRM Department, as well as identify and report opportunities for performance improvement. Once these areas are identified,  HIMS Service can help re-engineer your HIM / MRM department and customise education and training to maximise productivity and ensure compliance.

The HIMS Service component will ensure education and training to maximise productivity and ensure compliance to ensure that your HIMS works adequately through a structured planning and maintenance program in the following areas of concern:

  1. HIM / MRM Department Operational Assessment
  2. HIM / MRM Department Productivity Analysis
  3. Regulatory Compliance with local laws, for example, Act 586 Private Healthcare Facilities And Services Act 1998, Act 254 Limitation Act 1953, Act 629 National Archives Act 2003, Act 709 Personal Data Protection Act 2010, Act 56 Evidence Act 1950
  4. The Joint Commission International (JCI) Survey Preparation
  5. The Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH) Survey Preparation
  6. The International Organization for Standardization (MS ISO 9001:2008) Survey Preparation
  7. Staffing Assessment
  8. Human Resource Training And Guidance
  9. Release of Information Support
  10. Information Policies
  11. Production Of Health Information
  12. Advise financial resources in the processes for the production of health information
  13. Transfer And Management Or Storage Of Information
    • Provide guidance for infrastructure and policies designed for the transfer and management or storage of information
  14. HIMS Leadership
    • Provide guidance in creating mechanisms to effectively lead your HIMS

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