Health Information Management (HIM) / Medical Records Management (MRM) Service


This service component will work together with your Health Information Management (HIM) / Medical Records Management (MRM) Department  to identify the strengths and challenges of your HIM / MRM Department, as well as identify and report opportunities for performance improvement. Once these areas are identified,  HIM / MRM Service can help re-engineer your HIM / MRM department and customise education and training to maximise productivity and ensure compliance to best practices.

The objective of this service component is see through the development of a structured development plan and maintenance program by building and/or strengthening your HIM /MRM Department practices in the following areas of concern:

  1. Provide Education and Training in HIM /MRM Practices, Disease Coding, Health Statistics, Medical Legal Practices
  2. Provide Guidance in Planning and Training for Storage of Records so that all records are saved easy and for fast retrieval of a paper based medical records system
  3. Design New and/or Improve Workflows to ensure medical records are immediately distributed to the right person in the case of a paper based medical records system
  4. Workflow Re-engineering to Eliminate Backlogs, Improve Efficiencies and Manage Operating Expenses
  5. Productivity and Quality Management
  6. Implementation of Metrics and Deliverables for Measured Performance Improvement
  7. Transition Management

This service component will serve as an extension to your HIM / MRM Department staff to design, facilitate, and complete projects to help them achieve a sustainability focus, and respect for creating change that is healthy for your HIM / MRM Department  and your organisation overall through:

  • facilitation – meetings, strategy, trainings
  • training – instructional design, delivery, and results tracking
  • analyses and advising
  • mentoring and coaching – succession planning, leadership growth. and career change
  • talent management and training
  • workforce development, governance team cohesion
  • ‘lean’ process improvements to related workforce development and training

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